New Ho Tactics - 2018 Savage Edition - Paperback + Audio Bonus Chapter
2018 Edition

New Ho Tactics - 2018 Savage Edition - Paperback + Audio Bonus Chapter

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New Savage Edition


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Upgraded & Expanded for 2018, Ho Tactics: The Savage Edition. How do you actually become a Sugar Baby without sex? How do you use Ho Tactics in an established relationships? How do you spot men that are trying to use Ho Tactics on you? What's your Ho IQ, and how can you read and manipulate anyone at any time? New Chapters. Updated Information. Tested and Proved! 

Order the Paperback version of Ho Tactics: The Savage Edition today and get an Instant Download of the new Audio Book Bonus Chapter-- HO IQ.

Ho Tactics: 2018 Savage Edition: Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Ho World Order

Chapter 2: Why Men Love Hos

Chapter 3: How to Discipline Yourself around Dick

Chapter 4: Pussy Costs

Chapter 5: Treater, Trick, or Sponsor, Who to Hustle

Chapter 6: How to Flirt the Ho Way

Chapter 7: How to Seduce the Ho Way

Chapter 8: Getting Nasty with It

Chapter 9: How to Make Him Fall in Love

Chapter 10: Asking For Gifts, Favors, or Money

Chapter 11: Revenge Hoing

Chapter 12: Exit Strategy

Chapter 13: You Had Sex Too Fast, Now What?

Chapter 14: Using Ho Tactics on Your Ex-Boyfriend

Chapter 15: Turning Old Pussy into New Money

Chapter 16: On the Side: 

Using Her Man as Your ATM 

Chapter 17: How to Online Date the Ho Way

Chapter 18: How to Go From Ho to Housewife

Chapter 19: How to Win the Ho Way

Chapter 20: What's Your Ho IQ

Chapter 21: How To Turn The Table On Male Hos

Chapter 22: Using Ho Tactics To Save Your Relationship

Chapter 23: How To Be A Sugar Baby Without Giving Up Any Sugar

Chapter 24: Questions & Answers

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