Date Like A Spartan: Downloadable Ebook

Date Like A Spartan: Downloadable Ebook

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Before you ever go on another date, read this guide and Date Like A Spartan.
(Download and INSTANTLY read on any Computer, Cellphone or Tablet) 

Women have been brainwashed to pageant themselves for the approval of men. Society dictates that you have to show a man that you are funny, that you are witty, that you can carry a conversation, and only after you have performed this song and dance for Prince Charming, will he give you the honor of making you his Cinderella. Ask not what a man can do for you, but ask what you can do for a man. 21st century dating has empowered men and depowered women. This Plenty of Fish In The Sea mindset has made women expendable. If you donít perform and impress he will simply move on to the next woman. Even if you perform and impress, he will still move on to the next woman. You read book after book, listen to advice after advice, and you still canít crack the formula as to how to find love and keep love. Dating has become a game with blurred lines and bias rules, and thereís only one way to win in this male dominated world: Spartan Up!

Spartans: The strongest women on the planet. They follow no one. They obey no one. They arenít offended, they offend. They donít wait, they take. They are the Alpha Females.

Date Like A Spartan: 10 Weapons To Dominate Any Date is a step by step guide that will teach any woman to take control of her dating life, see through the male game, and turn the tables in order to go from the chosen to the chooser. No longer will the fear of rejection keep your mouth shut. No longer will the stress of coming off too strong keep your personality chained. No longer will you chase approval. These 10 steps will turn your confusion into confidence and prove that the only approval needed is your own. Men are simple creatures, and this guide will break down how to dominate them in a way so easy that you will never date the same again. Itís time to step off that pageant stage full of weak women and into the throne of a Spartan Queen. You know how it feels to lose this war, now learn how it feels to conquer. The secret to success rests in these pages, are you women enough to arm yourself with this power?

Chapter 1: The Road to Sparta

Chapter 2: The Pre-Date Battle Plan

Chapter 3: Date Night Domination

Chapter 4: Mastering the First Date

Chapter 5: How to Ask the Right Questions 

Chapter 6: Post Date Doís

Chapter 7: Post Date Doníts

Chapter 8: Is His Dick Spartan Proof

Chapter 9: Slaying the Second Date 

Chapter 10: Keep Him or Curve Him 

Take Dating into your own hands and reverse the bad luck, expose the liars, and get the relationship you deserve!

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