Autographed Ho Tactics Book & Bonus Chapter

Autographed Ho Tactics Book & Bonus Chapter

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Dick Tactics


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Ho Tactics: How To MindF**k A Man Into Spending, Spoiling, and Sponsoring is now available in Paperback. This updated and uncut version Physical book builds upon the original Ebook version with over a 100 new pages.

The Autographed version will be signed by the author and it also includes the exclusive bonus chapter: Dick Tactics: How To Use A First Date To Expose A Male Ho. This is a must read chapter for any woman looking to know exact signs of male players! The bonus chapter is available immediately for instant download. Check the LINK on your receipt.

Chapter 1: Ho World Order

Chapter 2: Why Men Love Hos

Chapter 3: How to Discipline Yourself around Dick

Chapter 4: Pussy Costs

Chapter 5: Treater, Trick, or Sponsor, Who to Hustle

Chapter 6: How to Flirt the Ho Way

Chapter 7: How to Seduce the Ho Way

Chapter 8: Getting Nasty with It

Chapter 9: How to Make Him Fall in Love the Ho Way

Chapter 10: Asking For Gifts, Favors, or Money 

Chapter 11: Revenge Hoing

Chapter 12: Exit Strategy

Chapter 13: You Had Sex Too Fast… Now What?

Chapter 14: Using Ho Tactics on Your Ex-Boyfriend

Chapter 15: Turning Old Pussy into New Money

Chapter 16: On the Side: Using Her Man as Your ATM 

Chapter 17: How to Online Date the Ho Way

Chapter 18: How to Go From Ho to Housewife

Chapter 19: How to Win the Ho Way

Chapter 20: Questions & Answers

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